Alto Clair / AH6 - Troubleshooting - Not working / No sound


Keywords: Alto Clair, AH6, not work, no sound

  1. Are both the headphones and your Bluetooth device well paired / connected?


    2. Have you set the headphones as the "audio output" for your Bluetooth device?

    1) Using with Window PC please refer --

    2) Using with iOS PC please refer --

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sound. 
  • Check the Bluetooth devices list of the sound output, then click "Avantree Audition Pro" as Output. (For More info please refer: Setup Bluetooth audio devices on iOS PC)

    3) Using with TV, please refer the links as below: 


  3. Headphone is defective

Normally, the LED light will turn into red when you charging the headset with micro USB,

the charging base LED will show WHITE when you charging the headset with the charging base,

if you can't see any light even after using a different USB cable, the headphone might be defective.


If still not clear, please contact for RMA support.  

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