Alto Clair / AH6 - Guide - Use with Bluetooth-enable Smart TV


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Before you start pairing operation, please check if your TV is Bluetooth-enabled, otherwise you will need to get a Bluetooth transmitter to work with your headphones if your TV is not Bluetooth-enabled or your TV is Bluetooth-enabled smart TV but you prefer no audio delay experience (most TV native Bluetooth does not support low latency and you will still experience 200ms delay).


1. Access TV's Bluetooth option and choose pair device

Please follow your TV’s manual guide to check how to access its Bluetooth option. Some TV’s manual listed on their official site.

Samsung Bluetooth TV:

LG Bluetooth TV:



2. Enter headphones into PAIRING MODE –

Slide the power switch to Bluetooth icon position  and hold for 3 seconds. You’ll hear “Pairing” and the LED indicator blinks RED and BLUE alternately.

*Note: If your TV cannot find your headphone, it is most likely that your headphone was paired with other device and does not stay in pairing / discoverable mode when you try to pair. You need to turn off the Bluetooth function from other devices first and make sure the headphone is flashing blue and red alternately when pair with your TV. **


3. Connected

Back to your TV menu, you will see the Bluetooth devices listed on your TV's on-screen display, please select “Avantree AH6” → Select “Pair and connect”  

Now, Avantree Audition Procast is connected to your TV!   


NOTE: If no sound, you might need to check -- 

1) make sure your TV audio is set to Bluetooth headphone as output; 

2) adjust the headphone volume by clicking or pressing the volume button. 

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