HT4186 - Troubleshooting - One side sound


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If you experience one side sound from the headset, there are 2 external reasons that may cause the issue:

  • Faulty audio cable
  • Defective audio out port
  • Unclean earbuds


So before we arrange the replacement to you, please help check below points >

1. Please make sure the audio cable that's used to connect the source such as TV and the transmitter is good and plugged tightly on both ends. Or try another audio cable.

2. Please test to plug the transmitter to your phone, will you hear sound from one side or both sides from the headset? If both sides have sound, the issue should be with the audio out port of the source device.

3. Please clean the earbuds following this instruction -

If above 3 reasons are excluded, please contact for free replacement as long as the device is still under warranty period.

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    Ron Masters

    I replaced an RCA stereo headphone with this Avantree one. Both L & R channels on the RCA worked fine. Only the R works on Avantree.
    I replaced the 3.5 mm audio cable with a different one, which I knew worked before, but still only get one channel on the Avantree earphones.
    Therefore I believe the fault is in the earphone unit.

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    Laney Hu

    Sorry to hear that. This product has a 24-month warranty - rest assured we’ll fix/replace your unit to make sure it's working correctly for you! Just send an email to and we’d be happy to help.