HT4186 - Troubleshooting - Low volume


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If you experience low volume, pls check the following things -

1.For Digital Optical Audio connection

Based on TV default factory settings, TV volume is fixed in optical connection. You can only increase the volume by the NB16 headphones' volume button. You will hear the "beep" sound if the headphone reach its maximum volume. 

If the maximum volume of the headphones is not enough for you, please check if your TV has another output like 3.5mm/AUX(Fig 1.) or RCA out(Fig 2.). Then we suggest you can use that port which you can adjust the volume from both TV with remote and headphones side. 
Fig 1.   Fig 2.

Note: In Optical connection, the volume level is default fixed by TV manufacturer. If you watch Amazon/Netflix programs, the volume level is default fixed by the programs themselves. 


2.For RCA/AUX Audio Connection

Please wire a headphone up to TV's RCA port and turn on TV to listen(similar as below picture), is the volume normal or still low? The wiring diagram is shown below-

1) If the TV port's volume is low, then this is a TV audio output issue we need to tackle. There are two solutions here -

①You can use the other audio out like AUX/RCA or OPT OUT if your TV has.

②We suggest you can contact the TV manufacturer about the low volume issue.

2) If the TV port's volume is normal, please try another audio cable to see if it works better.


If none of the steps above work for you, please contact for further suggestion or we'll replace if it is confirmed a defective item.

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