Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - No Sound / Not Working


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 IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pls note that if you switch audio source, e.g. from Netflix to Cable, TV will reset the audio settings. SO you need to RE-DO the TV audio settings again.


All set up but can't hear anything through your headphones/speakers? Please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Once connected, the A or B LED on Oasis Plus will light up and keep steady on. To confirm this, please turn off your Bluetooth device and see whether the A or B LED on Oasis Plus is gone. 


If not connected, refer to 

If connected, but no sound

  • Make sure Oasis plus show the correct audio input mode (AUX / OPT).  
  • Make sure your cable is connected to "TX Input / From TV " jack at the back of Oasis Plus. 
  • Make sure all cables are good and plugged tightly

If connected, but still no sound. Please help check and try>

  • Audio Out Ports correct? 
  • TV Setting is good?

Check Audio Out Ports

Please check whether you have one of these three ports. Oasis Plus works well with any of these three types. 

  • Digital / Optical Output  (Fig 1.) - Correct!
  • Red / white RCA ports  marked as Output (Fig 2.) - Correct!
  • Headphone jack /AUX out (Fig 3.) - Correct!
  • Red / White RCA ports with NO mark of Output (Fig 4 / 5.) - Wrong!

Fig 1.  Fig 2.Fig 3.   Fig 4.      

NOTE: If you watch internet programs like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, etc., audio signal WILL NOT go through CABLE BOX. Please plug Oasis Plus on TV.

Check TV Setting 

1. RCA / AUX connection

Make sure you change your TV audio OUT setting to "External Speakers" (if using RCA Audio OUT ) or "Headset" (if using AUX/3.5mm OUT).


Note : Plug a wired ear buds into the TV headphone jack or RCA audio out (via an adapter), check if you can hear sound. If no sound, then the TV is not outputing the right signal now. 

2. Optical Connection 

1)Ensure your TV audio format is set to “PCM” or "DOLBY/DTS" is OFF. For how to, refer to How to set TV Audio Format/PCM. If you have other TV models,  you can google "TV Brand, TV model, audio output". Or you can contact TV manufacture for reliable support. Check the contact info at the end.


2) Change your TV audio OUT setting to “External Speaker” or "Audio out/optical".


3)If you still experience no sound while watching Amazon/Netflix programs: 

  • Go into the program such as Netflix and adjust the audio settings to export with PCM.
  •  If possible, change to AUX or RCA connection.
  •  If the above two steps do not work, you may need to have one Digital Analog Converter that can decode DOLBY/DTS: https://www.amazon.com//dp/B008EPW7O0 



 If still cannot solve the issue, pls email support@avantree.com (24h reply)




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