Audition Procast / AS9PA - Guide - ✼ Broadcast Music / Voice in Broadcast Network


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After build-up Broadcast Network successfully, you can share Music / Voice through Master BROADCAST headphones to other Receiver Headphones real-time!  

 Share Music  -

Audio played from the Master Broadcast Headphones source will now be shared with all connected RECEIVER headphones in your broadcast network. Please adjust the volume on the BROADCAST headphone as required.

  Broadcast Voice –

Hold  for 2 seconds on the BROADCAST headphone to turn the microphone ON. The voice from the Master Broadcast Headphones' microphone will now be broadcast to the connected RECEIVER headphones. Hold for 2 seconds again to turn the microphone off.

 Exit Broadcast Network -

In Broadcast Mode, hold  5s to toggle the headphone function back to Bluetooth Mode


  • Headphones Status-

1) On next use, once the headphones are powered ON again they will automatically revert to their previous connection state.

2) From Power ON, slide and hold the power switch to  for 3s  () headphones will enter into Bluetooth Pairing Mode.

  • On BROADCAST headphones

1) To protect privacy, you can NOT make/ broadcast phone calls through Broadcast Network (please make phone calls on your phone directly).

2) You may experience an audio delay around 220ms between the connected target Bluetooth Device and BROADCAST headphones.  

3) The audio source will be paused automatically when the “Broadcast Voice “function is activated.

4) You can NOT hear your own voice on when the “Broadcast Voice “function is activated.

  • On RECEIVER headphones

1) You can NOT adjust the volume level individually.

2) You can NOT broadcast voice to others by RECEIVER headphones.


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