DG59 - Guide - Use with Macbook


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Pair and Connect - 

Step 1. Connect DG59 adapter to PC > 

Please insert the DG59 dongle into PC (Note: Sometimes for a better operations range /Bluetooth connection performance, please use the provided extension USB cable to connect with PC.)

Step 2. Turn ON DG59 headset and pair it with the adapter> 

Turn ON the BT headphones: Press and hold "MFB" button for 3 seconds until BLUE LED is on and you hear "Welcome to Avantree". Please keep the headphones and adapter close and wait for connected successfully, once connected you'll hear "connected" from the headphones and DG59 adapter LED shows BLUE 3 times every 5s.

Once connected, On your Macbook you can found "Avantree DG59" by click speaker icon on top task-bar.

Audio Settings - 

* VOIP calls Settings -  After set the above PC “Default Device” done, please change the mic and speaker settings of your VOIP software (eg.: Skype) to use the “Avantree DG59”  by default. 

Open Skype > Tools > Options >Audio settings tab > 

> Microphone: "Avantree DG59"

> Speakers: "Avantree DG59"

Any questions please feel free to contact support@avantree.com 


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