Audition Procast / AS9PA - Troubleshooting - Short range /Sound cuts out


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     Bluetooth Mode Related issues

The effective Bluetooth operation range is around line of sight 10m~30m (30ft~100ft) 

 Broadcast Mode Related issues

The effective Broadcast operation range is around center-out 30m (100ft) 


1. Can you hear "beep" sound or see the LED flashing red quickly? If so, please charge the headphones. "How to charge Audition Procast" Low battery level will cause this problem.


2. Dual link 2 different Bluetooth devices ( e.g. Laptop + phone) at the same time may cause this problem. We ONLY recommend you to dual link 2 mobile devices at the same time.


3. For unstable connection cases, please reset your headphones "How to reset Audition Procast" .

  >> If you are using a transmitter, please reset it as well.

  >> If you pair your target device with many other Bluetooth devices before, please clear/delete the unnecessary ones.


4, If the above doesn't work, please pair your headphones to another Bluetooth device and check whether problem still exists.



5, Both Bluetooth and Broadcast signal can be easily affected by interference.


Cause - Obstacles between Audition Procast and the target device  / Master Broadcast Audition Procast can absorb the wireless signal, such as concrete walls, human bodies, metal dividers, furniture,water, computer, etc.

Solution - Try to keep the space between the Audition Pro and the target device (antenna) clear and ideally, within LINE of SIGHT of each other. Wireless signals travels like lights and bounces on walls. You may test different places to achieve the best result.

So please Remove any obstacles between the antenna of the BLUETOOTH device to be connected and the built-in antenna of the headset. 

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