Audition Procast / AS9PA - Guide - Use with Non-Bluetooth enabled PC


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You will need to get a USB Bluetooth transmitter to work with your PC -

  1. if your PC is not Bluetooth-enabled
  2. if your PC is Bluetooth-enabled, but you prefer no audio delay (most PC native Bluetooth does not support low latency and you will still experience 200ms delay)

Here we take " Avantree Leaf"  as an example - 

1. Set your USB Bluetooth Transmitter into Pairing Mode - (please refer to your user manual or Google " Pairing+ Model number")

 Plug Leaf into you PC > Hold "MFB" for 3s to set it into "Pairing Mode", The LED will show White/ Original alternately.

2. Set your AS9PA into Pairing Mode

From Power ON  , slide the Power Switch to theposition and hold for 3s until the LED flashes BLUE and RED alternately. (Note: DO NOT slide the power switch from  to directly)

3. Keep them close together and wait. Once connected, the headphones LED will show solid BLUE.

4. For Music Stream -  Set your USB Bluetooth Transmitter as the default device on you PC.

  • Right-click the speaker icon in the right bottom corner of the task bar right‐and select “Playback devices”.
  • Set the “Avantree Leaf” as the “Default Device”.

5. For VOIP calls - After set the “Default Device” done, please change the mic and speaker settings of your VOIP
software (eg.: Skype) to use the “Avantree Leaf”  by default. 

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