DG40S / DG40SA - Troubleshooting - Not working / Not Recognised


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For NATIVE Win 10(PC shipped with Win 10) user, you should have native Bluetooth driver in your PC and the dongle should be plug and play. Once dongle plugged in, your system should be look like Below image 1

For any other situation (Win XP/7/8/Upgraded Win 10(from Win 7/8/XP), Self-installed PC), you need to install BlueSoliel driver. After driver installation, your screen should look like image 2

Img 1:    Img 2: 

If you can not found Blue-color Bluetooth icon as above? Please >

  • Step 1: Please REBOOT your PC with DG40s dongle PLUGGED IN.
  • Step 2: For Gray-color Bluetooth icon user, please right click and try 'turn on Bluetooth'

Still not working? Choose one of the below options >


Section 1 - Yes, Bluetooth icon is BLUE but I cannot pair/connect to my device

If you can find the BLUE-color Bluetooth icon but cannot pair/connect to your device, please refer to below FAQ >

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Section 2 - No Bluetooth icon on native Win10 computer

Please search "Device Manager" from  icon on task bar and open it - Expand "Bluetooth" 

DG40s should be displayed as 'Generic Bluetooth Radio'. See below for details >

Device Manager                            Status Solution

Correct Everything should be fine. 
Scenario 1 -


(hardware conflict)

Except "Generic Bluetooth Radio", if you find any other Bluetooth or Bluetooth adapter in the list, such as, "Qualcomm ... Bluetooth", "Inter(R) wireless Bluetooth(R)". Please Right-click the device and disable it, then REBOOT the computer.

Scenario 2 -


 (Win 10 native driver not working)

If NO Bluetooth, shows here as an USB controller, then it means No driver available for the dongle, please install BlueSoliel driver. 



Scenario 3 -


 (USB port issue)

Please try to change a USB port, and change a PC to test.

If all like this, pls contact support@avantree.com for replacement. 

If above not helpful, email support@avantree.com with device manager screenshot like Scenario 1,2,3.

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Section 3 - Bluetooth icon is GRAY on native Win10 computer

It indicates you have a driver conflict issue to solve. Please search "Add or remove program" from   icon on task bar and open it. You can refer to below image.

Typical conflicting drivers are >

  • CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack
  • Widcomm Bluetooth Software
  • BlueSoleil driver
  • Search the word 'Blue' / 'Wire' and see any other suspicious software, and send a screenshot of the search result to support@avantree.com

You must uninstall other third party driver to make DG40s working properly with your native driver. 

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Section 4 - Bluetooth icon is GRAY on Win7/8/XP/upgraded Win10 computer

It indicates you have a hardware conflict or driver conflict issue to solve.

1.  Driver conflict -

Follow below image to open "Uninstall a Program" / "Programs and Features" / "Add or Remove Programs" tap.

Search 'blue' / 'wire' and see any suspicious conflict driving such as the 3 listed below:

  • CSR Harmony
  • Widcomm
  • Intel....

Pls uninstall them > DG40s Dongle plugged in > Reboot your PC.

2. Hardware conflict -

Go to “Device Manager “(Click Windows icon on left bottom >Search'device manager' from Windows search bar) - click to expand “Bluetooth” and see what's there. See below for details>

Device Manager Status Solution


If you have 'BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver' there, you can use Bluetooth function now.


Except "BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver", if you find any other Bluetooth device in the list, please right-click the device and disable it, then reboot the computer.

If above not helpful, email support@avantree.com with device manager and program search result screenshots. 

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