DG40S / DG40SA - Troubleshooting - Cannot Pair, Connect with my Bluetooth Headphones, Speakers / No Sound


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  1. For Win 10 (Plug & Play) , once connected, it will show ”Connected” as below:


  1. For Win7/8/XP ( using BlueSoleil), once successfully connected, you’ll see a dotted line between the device and the Globe as below:


What’s issue do you have?

  • Not connected?
  • Connected, no sound? 


Section 1  Not Connected?

Please help check and try>

  1. Did you set your Bluetooth device into PAIRING MODE?Pairing mode ≠ turn on. Normally, during pairing mode, the LED will flash quickly or flash two colors alternately. If you cannot confirm, you can search “model number"+" pairing mode" at Google.com or email your device model to support@avantree.com, and we will help.


  1. If your device already connects to another device? If you cannot confirm, please try to clear the pairing history of your Bluetooth device (refer to its user manual or search on Google.com) and delete/remove some useless Bluetooth devices on your computer, then try again.

   3.  If you use Bluesoleil, 1) as below image, please note to plug the slide bar to find more detected devices.


 2) We find it's usually ignored to right click the device icon, select "Search Services"- Then R-click, select "Listen to Music" or "Make a Call",till you see a dotted line between the device and the Globe. Refer to below GIF:


Section 2  Connected, no sound?

Some Windows systems will automatically detect the DG40S and set it as the default playback device, while in other systems you'll need to set this manually.

1). Go to the volume icon in the Taskbar -  Right-click and select "Playback devices"


2). On the "Playback" tab select the connected headphone/speaker or "Bluetooth Audio", and click "Set Default".

For Plug & play, it will display the connected device name (as image 1);

For using Bluesoleil, it will display "Bluetooth Audio" (as image 2)

Img 1:         Img 2: 

3). If you need to also use the microphone, go to the "Recording" tab, select the connected device or "Bluetooth Audio"  and click "Set Default".

Plug & play                                           Bluesoleil



Note: If there is still no sound after changing the above settings, please go to the audio setting from the application program and do the same default device settings. e.g. Skype

Tools - Options - Audio devices - Set the connected headphones as default






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