DG40S - Troubleshooting - Test version? Serial Number? Valid License? Harmony?


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There are three reasons which will cause this issue.

  • Third-party driver conflict.
  • Built-in Bluetooth or third-party adapter conflict 
  • Download & install driver from BlueSoleil.com – DG40S can only be used with Avantree provided driver. ONLY download latest Avantree DG40s driver for Win XP, 7, 8, and upgraded Win 10 from HERE


So, please check >

  1. Driver conflict -  Follow below image, click start button -Open “Control Panel” - go to find "Uninstall a Program" / "Programs and Features" / "Add or Remove Programs" and search 'blue' / 'wire' and see any suspicious conflict driving such as the 3 listed below,
  • CSR Harmony
  • Widcomm
  • Intel....

pls uninstall them > DG40s Dongle plugged in > Reboot your PC.

   2. Unplug the dongle to see if you can use the Bluetooth function? If yes, there may be Built-in Bluetooth or other third-party adapter in your PC, please disable or remove them.

  1. Check the version number of the BlueSoleil driver (Refer to below photo for how to check).  The correct version No. should be A9.2.496.11. If it’s the old or wrong version,  uninstall the previously installed version of BlueSoleil and reinstall the correct version to avoid conflict.

       1) Uninstall old Bluesoleil, refer to Uninstall the Bluesoleil driver from computer

       2) Reinstall correct Bluesoleil from here DG40S - Driver - Latest DRIVER for Win 7, 8, XP or Non-native Win 10

        3) Reboot your computer with the dongle plugged in.

If above not helpful, email support@avantree.com with “ program “ search result screenshots.



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