10BS/10BP - Troubleshooting - The other side can't hear clearly


Diagnose questions:

  1. When your phone's signal is not so well, it will affect your conversation quality. When the other side don't hear you well, how many cellphone signal bars do you have? If you switch the call back to phone, will it work well immediately?

         If no, it might be because of phone’s bad signal. 

  1. When the sound is not clear, were you at some specific location such as near airport, cross road traffic light? Try to make calls at different place with good signal, will the conversation be better?

        If yes, it might be because of interference. Pls make calls at places without interference.

  1. When making different calls, if the problem happens sometimes or always? 

        If always, please contact support@avantree.com for further assistant.


For other situations, the solutions are as below:

  1. Please note that 10BS/10BP is not recommended for use in trucks (due to cab dimensions and noise).
  2. For better conversation quality, please make sure that your car window is closed.
  3. Please try to reset the carkit, unpair the phone bluetooth items on the BT list and reconnect.


If you exclude the above possibility, please email to support@avantree.com for further assistant. 


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