CK210 - Troubleshooting - Cannot pair / connect?


Pair CK210 to cellphone, pls make sure you follow this step by step:

1. Please make sure the phone's bluetooth and CK210 are both open.

2. Did you set CK210 into pairing mode? - Press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds until you the LED flash BlUE and RED alternately.

3. If yes, please try to search "Avantree CK210" on your bluetooth list and connect.

If succeed, congratulations!


If failed

1. Unpair all bluetooth items in your phone Bluetooth list and turn off the bluetooth.

2. Reset your carkit and reboot. 

3. Turn on Phone Bluetooth function again and start searching for devices. Found "Avantree CK210" and connect.


If still failed, please kindly contact for further assistant. Thank you.

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