Audition Procast / AS9PA - Troubleshooting - Pairing Issue/ Stop pairing


Keywords: Audition Procast, pair, connect, audio cut, range

Normally this problem happens when your headphones are not in paring mode or your target device isn't in pairing mode either.


1, Please check whether your headphones are in paring mode.

Please follow the link to enter Audition Pairing Mode- Connect Audition Procast with PC/ Mobile phone

NOTE: Ensure the headphones are power ON. Press and hold the MFB button (about 5-7 seconds) until LED blinks PINK (BLUE and RED together), then headphones will enter into pairing mode automatically.


2, If your are using a transmitter, please also set the transmitter into paring mode. Normally LED will flashes quickly or two colors LED flashes alternately. If you pair your transmitter with many other devices before, please clear/delete the unnecessary ones.


3, If the above doesn't help, please try to reset Audition. Audition Procast / AS9PA - Guide - Reset


If the problems can'be fixed please provide the detailed info and your AMZ order number to Avantree Service Team

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