DG40S / DG40SA - Troubleshooting - Short range / Audio cuts


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If the dongle isn't reaching as far as you were hoping or if you experience disconnect issue or (for keyboards, game controllers etc.) delayed input issue, there are 5 external reasons may affect operational range.

  • Your device connects to other device at the same time ( for audio devices such as headphones / speakers ).
  • Interference from other wireless signals.
  • There are some physical obstructions that block the Bluetooth signal.
  • Poorly shielded USB 3.0 ports (Blue Color USB) cause radio interference.
  • Your device has low power


So, before we arrange the replacement to you, please help check below points >

  1. Please make sure both DG40S and your device did NOT connect to other devices at the same time. If you cannot confirm that, you can clear the pairing history of your device (Google "model number" + " clear pairing history" for how to ). And then re-pair your device and DG40S again.

   2. To avoid interference, pls test to stay far away from Wifi router, Roku stick, or other wireless device and metal materials. If possible, please change a room to test.

  1. Please try to avoid physical obstructions between DG40S and your device. E.g. remove the dongle from rear panel to front panel or use an extension cable.

    4. If you use USB 3.0 port, please try to use USB2.0 port.

    5. Please fully charge your device. Or for some devices such as Xbox One controller, please try to use non-charging batteries.

     6. And as per some customer's kind feedback, the issue is fixed by switching another computer. Please try another computer to exclude the computer issue.

If above steps cannot fix the issue, please tell us the current status of above point one by one at support@avantree.com. Then we will do our best to help.


Note: Bluetooth by nature is a short range wireless communication standard. It was originally intended for connecting nearby objects like keyboards and telephone headsets. Standard class II Bluetooth devices on the market offers up to 10 meters / 33 feet line of sight / in open space.

We also offer LONG RANGE Class I Bluetooth Transmitter (up to 300 feet / 100m in open air) devices to support special long range requirements - 

  • For Computer / USB Audio - Avantree Leaf (USB Bluetooth audio dongle, 80 feet)
  • For TV / Other audio source - Avantree Oasis, Audikast, Priva III ... 




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