Alto Clair / AH6 - Guide - Microphone Mute issue - DFU


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NOTE: All the following steps need you to do on your Windows PC

1> Slide down this page, download the TWO attachments and save them on your Windows PC. 

2> Install the "CSR BlueSuite.exe" file as bellow > 

After you install the CSR soft ware successfully, you'll get "DFUWizard"


Connect Avantree Alto Clair and your PC via the data transfer USB cable (provided in package) , and LONG PRESS BOTH  for around 7s. 


Please do as the following steps to ensure your PC can identify your Avantree Alto Clair 

  • 4.1 Right click "This PC" icon and choose "Manage" 

  • 4.2 On "Computer Management " page >> left click "Device Manager" >> Left click "Ports (COM & LPT)" 


  • 4.3 If you can see "CSR BlueCore in DFU mode" in "Ports (COM & LPT) " That means your headset has been identified by your PC. 

5.  After you confirm the headset has been identified by your PC, please run  "DFUWizard" as the following steps - 

NOTE: For below step, if your computer is default as first one and cann’t switch to second option. Pls don't worry, the first one is also OK, but the process will slower than the second option.  Please DO NOT CHANGE Backup Files, may cause firmware corrupt.


After all the above steps, your Alto Clair will be upgraded successful,  any questions please feel free to contact


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