Use Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter/Headphone set with Samsung TV


Samsung's TV model such as "UN65NU8000", "UN55NU7100" usually come with Optical Digital Audio Out port(s) in the back.



Model (UN55NU7100)

Our transmitters support digital optical, AUX audio,RCA audio out. So our transmitters are compatible with samsung TV audio output.

However, after connecting the transmitter to your TV, you may need to make some simple adjustments to your TV's audio settings. Please see below for the instructions.


If you're using Optical Digital Audio Out:

Step 1 - Select SOUND OUT menu on your TV

Step 2: Select "Audio output/Optical" 

Step 3: Select Expert Settings menu

Step 4: Select " Digital Outout Audio Format"

Step 5: Select " PCM"

Still doesn't work?

IF you've updated your TV audio settings as above and you've already paired your headphones to the transmitter YET there's still no sound coming out of your headphones, please give Samsung Technical Support a call at:

Tel: 1-800-726-7864
Email Support:

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