AH6B - Troubleshooting - Can't Hold Charge


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There are TWO possibilities if the headset seems no longer hold a charge  

  1. The battery life depends on the audio source type/ audio volume 
  2. The battery of the headset is a defective unit  


     1. The battery life depends on the audio source type/ audio volume

The battery life depends on how loud you listen to music. Listening at full volume will cause the battery to deplete faster compared to listening at half or 1/4 volume. Generally though, the battery life in wireless mode is around 22 hours of playback on 60% music volume.  


     2.The battery of the headset is a defective unit

If the charging cable works FINE and the headphones were charging for a good amount of time (no less than 1.5hrs) But the headphones still can't hold a reasonable enough time OR  they always randomly shut off in Bluetooth mode despite a full charge, it seems that the headset maybe a defective unit. Please contact support@avantree.com for a replacement directly! 

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