AH6B - Troubleshooting - Short range /Sound cuts out


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Please confirm the following tips and provide the answers if possible- 

1. Please connect the headphones with your mobile phone, then wear the headphones and walk around about 10M (indoor ) to see if there exist sounds cut out issue.  if there exists sounds cut out issue please refer the Part1 to confirm if there are some  interference devices.

3. If there is a sound cut out issue occurs outdoor, is it an empty place? Or is there an electronic interference devices (traffic lights)around?


Part 1 - Operational Range issue related - 

Cause - Obstacles betweenthe Bluetooth Headphones -Alto Clair and the target connected Bluetooth Device that can absorb the wireless signal, such as concrete walls, human bodies, metal dividers, furniture, water, computer, etc.

Solution - Try to keep the space between the Bluetooth Headphones -Alto Clair and the target connected Bluetooth Device (antenna) clear and ideally, within LINE of SIGHT of each other. We know this is hard in some houses. Wireless signals travels like lights and bounces on walls. You may test different placements to achieve the best result.

So please Remove any obstacles between the antenna of the BLUETOOTH device to be connected and the built-in antenna of the headset.

Part 2 - Bluetooth connection issue related - 

1. Fully recharge the headset

>>>please click and follow this article "How to charge Alto Clair" to find how to fully recharge the headphones. 

If the charging cable works FINE and the headphones were charging for a good amount of time (no less than 3hrs) But the headphones still can't hold a reasonable enough time OR  they always randomly shut off in Bluetooth mode despite a full charge, if these two cases occurred, it seems that the headset maybe a defective unit. Please contact support@avantree.com for a  replacement directly! 

2.Please help to check if the headphones connected with more than TWO devices. 

Are these devices Bluetooth function in open status when this headphones are connecting with one? If so, please help to close the other devices Bluetooth function and test its Bluetooth signal. 

3. RESET the headset

>>>please click and follow this link to know "How to reset Alto Clair"


If the above solution is helpless please contact  support@avantree.com for help! 

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