HT4189 - Troubleshooting - Noise / Static / Buzzing


Keywords: HT4189, static, noise, buzzing, TV, AV Receiver, AVR



Key Questions to Ask:

  1. Did you use transmitter Audikast with TV? AV Receiver? Did you use optical port ? RCA ports or headphone jack?
  2. Did you try one different audio cable?
  3. If you plug wired ear buds into the same output port on your audio source that the transmitter is plugged into, is the sound normal?
  4. If you are using USB port on the audio source to power up the transmitter, did you try one separate power supply?




  • Plug wired earbuds to the output port, check whether the sound is normal.
  • Try powering up the Audikast using a different USB charger (5V/0.5-2A).
  • Try one different audio cable that connecting the Audikast and your audio source.
  • Clear paired history of BOTH the Audikast and your headphones.



  • ONLY use the BIG 6.35MM PHONE OUT on front side of your AV Receiver with the 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter, DON'T use the PRE OUT L/R ports on back of your AV Receiver. 
  • Do NOT set the volume too high.
  • Plug wired earbuds to the port, check whether the sound is normal.1.jpg


NOTE: Keep the audio cable connecting the transmitter and your audio source separate from other cables,  do not tangle it with other cables, e.g.  power cable.


If the static/noise still exists, contact  for FREE replacement pls. 

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