How to deal with muffle sound, different volume level on two earbuds and abnormal tiny sound?


As far as you know, earbuds are always placed into your ears and expose in the air, so they may stick some earwax or dust, which can do some serious damage to your earbuds. This may result in:

  • Music sound muddy or muffled
  • Different volume on two earbuds
  • Abnormal low volume / tiny sound after using for a period of time

Daily maintaince can eliminate such problems at the beginning.

  • Before wearing the earbuds, make sure to clean the inner side of the ear.
  • Always wear and use earbuds in dry condition.
  • After using the earbuds, wipe the inside of the earbud tip with soft and dried towel to remove dust, earwax, or oil from your skin.

If you already experienced different volume level, please try to follow the below steps to clean them out:

(It applys to all Avantree earbuds, following taking TWS110 as exsample.)

1. Materials you'll need: a cotton swab and dried brush (if can't find the black cleaning brush, teethbrush can work as instead.)


2. Take off earbud tips from earbuds smoothly. Do not detach the earbud tip from earbud excessively as it may tear.


3. Use a cotton swab and dried brush to remove any debris and foreign materials.

mceclip8.png   mceclip10.png

4. If foreign substance is still present, try brush the earbuds again to dislodge the remaining.

5. After completed cleaning, please assemble the earbud tip to earbud properly. Cover the latch at the bottom of the earbud with the earbud tip like below

Please note: Do not use liquid like alcohol or soapy water for cleaning earbuds as some of our earbuds are not alcohol-proof or soapy-waterproof.

If the problem still exists after cleaning the earbuds, please contact for help.


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