Aria Pro/ AS90P - Guide - Activate/close Microphone Mute function


Key words: Aria Pro, AS90P, microphone, built-in mic, boom mic, mute, unmute

>>On the headset: 

While on an active call, press mceclip0.png once to activate/close Microphone Mute function. You’ll hear “Microphone Mute ON/OFF”


>>On the boom mic:  While on an active call, 

  • Microphone Mute ON: Slide the switch opposite to the microphone icon mceclip2.png
  • Microphone Mute OFF: Slide the switch towards the microphone iconmceclip3.png



1. "Microphone Mute" function can only be activated/ deactivated on an active call.

2. The built-in microphone, detachable boom mic, volume wheel and the control buttons can NOT work in wired mode. 


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