Aria Pro / AS90P - Troubleshooting - Short range /Sound cuts out (audio codec related)


Keywords: Aria Pro, short range, cut out, Bluetooth audio codec, aptX-HD 

Bluetooth audio codec related -  

If you can confirm there are no Operational Range issue or Bluetooth connection related  issues but intermittent sounds / short range issue still occurs, please set the headphones into “Priority on stable connection” manually on your phone: choose Bluetooth Audio Codec “SBC codec” rather than “aptX HD” on your phone.

  • Go to the "Settings" menu and click “About phone”
  • Click "System" ->"Developer options" -> "Bluetooth Audio Codec"
  • Choose "SBC" codec ("SBC" codec is “Priority on stable connection”  ;  "aptx-HD" codec is " Priority on sound quality" )



If the above solution is helpless please contact for help! 

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