TWS115 - Guide - How to charge?


With up to 4 hours of battery in the earbuds, and 5-6 recharges in the charging case, Avantree TWS115 offers up to 36 hours of playtime.

Charging the earbuds

When you start hearing the “battery low” voice prompt, please charge the earbuds by putting them back into the charging case. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge. The LED indicators on the earbuds will illuminate RED while charging. Once the charging has completed, the indicators will show WHITE for a minute before automatically turning off.

(Note: The earbuds will automatically turn off about 10 minutes after the first low battery warning.)


Charging the case

Please charge the case if the earbuds won't power off automatically after putting in the changing case . Charging the case will also charge the earbuds if the earbuds are inside the case.

The case supports both wired and wireless charging:

  • Wired charge - Please use a DC 5V / 0.5-2A USB wall charger /car charger / computer USB port with the included Micro USB cable to charge.mceclip1.png
  • Wireless charge – Please put the charging case of Avantree TWS115 onto your wireless charger with the icon close to the induction area.


The left-side LED (LED 1) will illuminate RED while charging. When fully charged, the left-side LED (LED 1) will turn off and the right-side LED (LED 2) will illuminate GREEN.


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