Leaf - DFU - Volume up version for Airpods Pro


1. Please download DFU tool -  CSR BlueSuite 2.5.8 software from below link and install it on your computer. (Note: It only works with Windows computer)

Blue suite 2.5.8.

2. Please download the upgraded firmware file to your computer noting the save path. Pls note you can not open this file directly, just to save and choose when you upgrade.


3. Plug the Avantree Leaf into the USB port of your PC

4. Download DongleHost.exe and click it to RUN.



5. Please find“ CSRBlueSuite 2.5.8”from“all programs” on your computer and select "DFUWizard” and click.

NOTE: For below step, if your computer is default as first one and cann’t switch to second option. Pls don't worry, the first one is also OK, but the process will slower than the second option.  Please DO NOT CHANGE Backup Files, may cause firmware corrupt.


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